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Emma speaking

A tribute to Emma…

Fundraising for Kick Sarcoma Foundation In Honor of Emma by TiffanyHuang Childhood cancer affects more than 15,000 kids per year, and claims the lives of a quarter of them. It rips away their hopes and dreams, brings them pain and suffering, and may even scar them forever, yet they share one thing – they never…

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Infocus Survey

Chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy (CIPN) is a condition that can have a huge effect on individuals following cancer treatment. However, little is known about its impact on a nation-wide level. If you have received chemotherapy that can cause CIPN, we invite you to take part in a nation-wide online survey.

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Shearing for Sarcoma

Shearing for Sarcoma Event date: 11/10/2015 In a small town in rural Australia, Kick Sarcoma is set to host a very unique event. We invite you to join us for a Twilight Fair and Dinner Bush Dance. VIP guests will come to help us raise awareness for sarcoma and raise fund for sarcoma research. Tickets available now…

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Chris’s Story

In March this year, Chris Pelow was diagnosed with synovial sarcoma in his foot. Unfortunately, as you know, there is only one form of treatment, and Chris’s lower leg was amputated within a week of diagnosis. Chris is 24 years old and he joined Sydney University Hockey Club from Ireland, where he had previously represented…

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Kahlan’s Story

When Kahlan was a little over 6 months old we had just got home from a holiday to visit my parents. Within a week of being back home I noticed that a small lump had appeared on Kahlans back near the spine up near her shoulder blades. After a few days I took her to…

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Tyler’s Story

Tyler was just your average toddler. In January 2010, we noticed a small lump on his lower back. About the size of a 20c piece. My first thought was “we’re in trouble”. We took him to the doctors the next day and they weren’t too concerned at all. They said it was possibly a bruise…

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3AW Swimming Challenge

This year the challenge was set for John Burns to swim 100 –metres up against gold medal winning Paralypian Ellie Cole, Octogenarian swim record holder Hazel Gilbee and 6-year aquatic prodigy Abbey Carr. To no one’s surprise, Ellie took out gold, 2008 Olympian Abbey took Silver, Burnso Bronze and Hazel Gilbee received the honorary platinum award…

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Kick Sarcoma At Kanga Cup

Our Kick Sarcoma marquee was at the Kanga Cup Hub on the University of Canberra grounds at 9th-12th of July. Thank you for supporting sarcoma awareness while having some great football-filled fun in the sun.

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