Sarah-Grace Sarcoma Foundation Governance

The Sarah-Grace Sarcoma Foundation is a registered (ACN 144533593) non-profit non- governmental organization, with a tax deductible gift recipient status. It is governed by a voluntary Board of 3 directors and 5 founding members whose time is donated pro bono. The Board, which meets quarterly, is responsible for the broad strategic directions, key policies, working ethics and accountability of the foundation.

Our Guiding principles

  • Breaking barriers and fostering innovative research directions and novel treatment options with high level research
  • Dedication to make all types of sarcoma curable
  • Consultation and cooperation with sarcoma patient groups and sarcoma research groups worldwide

The Foundation is committed to maintaining the highest standards in transparency so that every donor is able to see the impact of their donation. We accomplish this through monthly updates to our website by researchers on the work funded through our research grants. As this work progresses, the Foundation is committed to making peer evaluations and review of the work available via the website.

The Foundation will keep donors informed of the impact of all aspects of our work, to include fund-raising for research, the research itself,  and awareness campaigns.  We are confident that, with the assistance of our volunteers, board, and dedicated medical researchers, we can change lives for the better.  Our awareness campaigns will help educate the public about sarcomas, leading to earlier diagnoses and access to treatment, as well as raising public interest in funding for research that will lead to better treatments and, ultimately, cures.

The Foundation has only two priorities: raise awareness of sarcomas and raise funds for research into these deadly diseases. All funds raised by the Foundation are devoted to these two focal areas. We believe that through clarity of focus we will be able to change the statistics on cancer research.  Currently less than 1% of cancer research funds are spent on sarcoma research. The Foundation will raise funds to help change this statistic and educate the public to create new advocates for sarcoma research. The Foundation’s goal is to make this a self-sustaining  movement, with a better educated public driving funding decisions in this arena.

The offices of the Foundation are provided on pro bono basis by our committed volunteers, board members, and sponsors. The Foundation receives all its administrative support through donated time and labour of committed volunteers. Overhead costs are sparse and primarily reflect costs associated with public events, to include event insurance, facility rentals, etc. These costs and any funds raised in conjunction with these events are published via the Foundation’s website and accessible to all.