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The Story

The Kick Sarcoma Campaign centres on the sale of shoelaces for fund-raising purposes and the wearing of them for awareness raising. The right lace is emblazoned with the word “KICK” and the left with “SARCOMA.” Put them together and what do you have? – KICK SARCOMA

The Campaign is for everyone! We have adult and children laces, sports and corporate styles. We encourage you and your friends to show your support for sarcoma research by purchasing the laces and designating your own personal Kick Sarcoma Day! Click here to order laces now!

Tell us how you and your friends, team-mates and colleagues are wearing your laces to Kick Sarcoma and we’ll include it in the Kick Sarcoma Calendar of Events!

Laces are available in packages designed to support individuals and small groups (5 pairs per package), sports teams and school groups (25 pairs per package) and larger community groups or corporate affairs (50 pairs per package).

All our packaging is environmentally friendly. We want to preserve this world as much as we want to preserve the people in it! Laces arrive with a letter of thanks, tax receipts, and no additional plastic or padding.

All packaging and shipping is done by volunteers. Contact us if you reside in the Australian Capitol Territory and would like to hold a packing-party!

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